Period of PURPLE Crying Informational Session

On Tuesday, April 15th, Monongalia General Hospital will be holding an informational session on the Period of PURPLE Crying from 5:30-7:30pm in the Mylan Room.  The Period of PURPLE Crying was developed to explain infant crying based on years of child development research. All babies cry; some a lot more than others. Child care professionals, medical professionals, and community members are invited to this informational session to learn more about the Period of PURPLE Crying and how you can take important action steps. Eric Murphy, BA, MS, MA, is the WVU Extension Agent for Families and Health and will also be speaking on the STEP program which offers a realistic and practical approach to meeting the challenges of raising children today. He will focus on how parents can deal with their emotions surrounding parenting a young child.

This event is put on in observance of Child Abuse Prevention month through a partnership of the United Way Family Resource Network and Monongalia General Hospital. No pre-registration required. For more information please call 304-296-7525.