Brain Under Construction Zone


What is Brain Under Construction Zone?

Brain Under Construction Zone (BUCZ) seeks to ensure that all children will be ready physically, mentally, developmentally, emotionally, and socially, to begin kindergarten.


Brain Under Construction Zone seeks to build awareness of the importance of early brain development in children, and to support and/or initiate public and private collaborations that improve the range of services for children and families.

Who is Brain Under Construction Zone?

Our local collaborative includes hospitals, childcare centers, the public school system, local media, and agencies that address early childhood education, health, and development.


The objectives of BUCZ are to increase awareness of:

  • The impact of the first five years of life
  • The 12 messages for raising a healthy child
  • The importance of everyday activities as opportunities to teach


The brain scan comparison was adapted from the Special Edition of Newsweek, Spring/Summer 1997.

Compare the two brain scans above. The one on the left belongs to a child who has been cared for, loved and stimulated. The brain on the right illustrates an extreme case. This child had been in an orphanage, where he was neglected and offered no stimulation. Notice the differences.  Areas of the neglected child’s brain fail to form altogether. 



1.  The First Years Last Forever

2.   Love and Affection Cannot Spoil a Baby               

3.  Talk, Read, and Sing to Your Child

4.   Have a Regular Schedule

5.   Play is the Work of the Young Child

6.   Pay Attention to Your Child

7.  Take Care of Yourself

8.  Discipline to Teach, Not Punish

9.  Choose Quality Child Care and Stay Involved

10. Children Develop at Different Rates

11. Give Your Child a Childhood

12. Children Need to Know They Matter