Emerging Leaders

What is Emerging Leaders?

Emerging Leaders is an affinity group of United Way of Monongalia and Preston Counties. The group focuses on providing service, social and leadership opportunities to those between the ages of 20-40.

Since 2014 Emerging Leaders membership has provided tens of thousands of dollars funding and service to a variety of nonprofit entities. We also serve as a community aimed at connected members with community leaders and other philanthropy-minded individuals through networking opportunities.

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  • Make an Impact by taking part in meaningful activities including volunteer projects and community events.
  • Strengthen your network by connecting with like-minded leaders at social events, online, and in exclusive sessions with business and community leaders.
  • Build your leadership capacity through access to leadership training and professional development opportunities.


  • Invitations to Exclusive Professional Development Events
  • Monthly Volunteering and Social Events
  • Leadership and Recognition Opportunities


  • Yearly contribution at Emerging Leader Level of $250 or above ($9.62 per pay/26 pays or $10.42 per pay/24 pays)
  • Age range (20-40 years)
  • An account on www.volunteermpc.org and a willingness to make a meaningful impact in the community


  • Return your pledge card as part of your workplace United Way Campaign
  • Text EL to 41444

2018 Emerging Leader Steering Committee

  • Andrea Martin
  • Sam Cilento
  • Chris Isabella
  • Dave Lorenze
  • Harry Hayes
  • Judd Waldo
  • Macall Speaker
  • Ryan Coss
  • Sara Fazenbaker
  • Zach Sensabaugh
  • Sylvia Winston Nichols

For more information or to join the program, please contact Mark Talkington at mark@unitedwaympc.org