Family Resource Network

Vision: The United Way Family Resource Network (UWFRN) is dedicated to improving the quality of life for Monongalia County’s children and families.

Mission: Encouraging and empowering our local community through parent leadership, community awareness, capacity building, and cooperative planning to create resilient and sustainable families in Monongalia County.

FRNs represent an important partnership between state government and local communities to identify current needs and develop an implementation plan to meet them.  UWFRN serves as a primary coordinating and planning body for Monongalia County’s community service system. Rather than providing direct services, the UWFRN performs several important roles impacting children and families:

  • Identifies community needs and gaps in services

  • Builds community capacity to address identified needs

  • Promotes public awareness regarding policies and issues

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Mon County Family Resource Network Monthly Meeting

Do you have resources or events in Monongalia County to share? Would you like to learn more about what is going on in the community? Join The United Way Family Resource Network (UWFRN) for the Mon County Family Resource Network monthly meeting. We will discuss updates and events. All in the community are welcome to attend to listen or share!

E-mail Family Resource Network Manager, Courtney Summers, at if you have questions or need assistance in registering.

View information about our upcoming meetings and register to attend.